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Anti-Ageing Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

Prep time: 5 minutes

1 cup of vanilla almond milk  

2 cups of frozen strawberries  

2 tbsp. of protein powder  

2 tbsp. of almond butter 

1 tsp. of vanilla extract  

2 tbsp. of sea moss gel

2 tbsp. of honey  


First add frozen strawberries to the blender with 1 cup of vanilla almond milk and blend until smooth. Next add in your protein powder, almond butter, vanilla extract, honey, and sea moss. Blend until all ingredients are well incorporated and smooth. Enjoy!

Tip: For a thicker smoothie, you will add less liquid. For a creamier smoothie, you add more liquid.  I like mine somewhere in the middle. If you happen to have added too much liquid in your smoothie and want to thicken it up, try adding more fruit.


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