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A tribute to the 90's. A Leather And Lavender and SGL collab at Sonne Studios in Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore city is lively and buzzing with activity. I visited two weekends in a row to scout locations for this particular shoot. I research photography studios in the DMV area and book with them to support local businesses and expand my network in other cities.

Location: Sonne Studios @ Studio IV

What I like about Sonne Studios is the multiple studio spaces and their eccentric style. Each studio ranges in size and offers different lighting and set building capabilities. It's a creative agency complete with props and a makeup studio. Located right off of Lombard street, just a two-block walk from the Baltimore harbor.

The Talent: SGL

Sir Glenn Lamar is a Hip- hop recording artist from Atlanta, GA. Influenced by some of hip hop's music's legendary innovators like Bob Marley, Lenny Kravitz, and 2pac Shakur, I became inspired to build the concept of this shoot around his motto, "Be Legendary," and capture the mood of these legendary artists and their styles in the '90s. This was a sultry shoot. Sir Glenn Lamar aims to share the healing power of self-awareness through music. His music is from the heart, and his infectious energy is felt in his lyrics and on set.

Location: East Lombard St. & Grant St.

Theme: Be Legendary- 90's Street Style

We had two looks, one indoor and the other outdoor. SGL holds his music to a higher standard and has a quality sound, so I shopped for quality pieces with classic brands like Converse. Investing in quality brands means you get to enjoy quality pieces that will last many years. My most popular service is personal shopping, and I shopped for quality fabrics that could last him for years to come. I shopped for leather, suede, silk, and cotton pieces. The denim shorts are from Nordstrom, and the khaki pants are from Express. The 100% silk shirt and authentic Hard Rock Café bomber jacket are from two boutiques in London, Vintage Club and JCR-Planet. Vintage Club is one of Europe's largest online vintage clothing stores. JCR-Planet is a small vintage boutique partnering with major retailers like ASOS Marketplace to sell their unique pieces. We took hundreds of photos, but my favorite shots are below.


Personal Shopping

If you're interested in having a photoshoot for your upcoming projects, consider a personal stylist to push you to try new styles and different brands. If you would like to set up a shoot of your own. Email me. I'd love to work with you.



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28 de set. de 2021

Great article and even greater styling! Dope!!

Ashley Winston
Ashley Winston
10 de mar. de 2022
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Thank you and I appreciate you stopping by!

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