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Ideas On What To Wear To Brunch In DC This Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year to brunch. It's harvest season for a few of my favorites: pumpkins, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and apples. Restaurants do not delay switching over their menu, so I look forward to indulging in mouthwatering seasonal flavors. Also, the local farms typically throw harvest festivals, and it's fun to take kids to a pumpkin patch, or go on a hayride or apple picking. Another good idea is to go to your local farmer's market on the weekends and try local fall-flavored snacks. Spreads, dips, jams, drinks, coffee, and honey are all worth trying from your local makers.

October is National Seafood Month, so it would be a lot of fun to plan a local day trip or bae cation to Annapolis, MD, and support our local restaurants and fisherman. I've visited countless restaurants for brunch in DC, and some outfits were adorable but not comfortable for dining. So I'm sharing my tips on what to wear to brunch in DC in the fall.


It's hard to feel comfortable in a look when you have to make adjustments to your outfit constantly. These days, I like to feel uninhibited and unconstricted when I sit down to eat. The only thing I'm touching up is my lipstick after brunch. So pack up the waist trainers, tight dresses, and belted outfits, and let's fall into oversized tee's, distressed denim, warm colors and trendy boots.


We all agree that we go to brunch to eat. Pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelet's, egg's benedict, chicken and waffles, muffins, cinnamon rolls, need I say more? In theory, a synched waist and tight sweater dress might be a cute idea, but it's not practical. Restaurants brand brunch as a time to feast and often serve us our entrée family style. So you want to wear something flowy and not form-fitting around your stomach. You want to wear something that can easily camouflage your midsection, especially if you take pictures during and after brunch like me. I'm feeling oversized tee's right now, and staying on trend for a rocker chic vibe. But a flowy dress or pants is also stylish and unconstricted.


Stilettoes will always be a staple in my wardrobe, but they're not practical for brunch. First off, DC has some of the most amazing rooftop views, and brunching while overlooking the city is a breathtaking experience you should try at least once. However, keep in mind that parking in DC is inconvenient. If you're not getting dropped off or doing valet, you're looking for a parking garage or street parking. You'll likely walk a few blocks from your parking space before you arrive at the restaurant, lounge, or hotel. If you're doing a rooftop brunch, you'll probably walk upstairs or take an elevator ride before you're seated at your table. You want to wear something you can easily walk in. The heel is wide enough on chunky boots to help you stay balanced, especially if you're doing bottomless mimosas.


Depending on where you dine and the time of your reservation, it never hurts to bring some layers. October in DC is typically chilly but lately it's been humid in the afternoons. Many of the restaurants and buildings in DC don't turn on the heat until winter, so bringing a light jacket can save you from being uncomfortably cold. One of my favorite trends is the teddy bear jacket, because it's warm and comfortable. Plus, the toasted almond color compliments my fall wardrobe perfectly. If you're dining outside or on the waterfront, remember it could get a bit windy. Keep in mind, as the day moves into the evening, the temperatures will drop!


Leather and suede should be staple pieces in your fall wardrobe. So before you complete your next look, do a suede or leather check. I just did a pop of leather on my wrist with this amazing silver studded finger wristlet. It's 100% leather and will last me a lifetime. Invest in real leather when you can and it will last you for many wears. Suede fabric is perfect for hats, shoes, handbags and gloves. It's long lasting if you take care of it, but can be difficult to care for. It's perfect to accessorize with in the fall and winter months, and always adds a nice texture to any look.

Get The Look

If you need help adding some fresh pieces into your wardrobe this fall season send me an email and we can set up a free virtual consultation.


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