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Memorial Day Photoshoot in Baltimore, MD with Nedessy.

I must start by saying, shooting with @Nedessy is an absolute blast. We started early afternoon and did four looks at 3 locations. The theme was street style, and we hit the Baltimore streets weeks in advance to scout a few areas that inspired us.

Location: Back Alley

Theme: Street Style


My most popular service is my merchandise rental service. People like it because I loan you staple pieces to mix and match into your wardrobe to use for your professional photoshoot or event. Merchandise rentals are super convenient because it saves you time and money. Everyone knows styling is expensive. Merchandise rentals are more cost-conscious and great because you can return apparel after your shoot. Once we decide on the theme of your photoshoot, I'll come to your big day prepared with clothing and accessories we can work into your existing closet.


What makes modeling nerve-wracking is you can't see how you look when in front of the camera. Modeling brings most people anxiety, even the most seasoned models. It always helps when you have a stylist or photographer telling you how to pose to get the most out of your look. @Nedessy is a natural, but look at the before and after difference; bringing your chin down can do! Modeling is about creating angels. We can help you with that. Watch one of my favorite photographers in DC share some modeling 101 tips here.

BEFORE (chin up)

AFTER (chin down)

Location: Druid Hill Park

Service: Personal shopping

Theme: Asian American Street Style

3. YOU CAN USE OUR PROFESSIONAL NETWORK. If you don't know a photographer, it's likely your stylist will. Nothing is better than working with a photographer who is dedicated to nailing those angels and getting the shot.

When we scouted the park and saw this Asian-style gazebo, we knew this was the perfect location for this look. So I shopped for a nude bodysuit from SheIn. We paired it with a floral Japanese-inspired kimono she purchased a few weeks before the shoot, which we used as inspo, and coordinated to match the gazebo style. I loved the look but was not impressed with the quality of SheIn's nude one-piece. The material is very clingy and not the best quality. Clingy material is irritating for a photographer or stylist because it's see-through. So keep that in mind if you shop there.

We did not use all photos, but I wanted to walk you through what the process was like and share some of my services. We only decided to keep the shots we loved the most.



@Nedessy is an Afro-Trap singer originally born in Paris, France. Her electric sound is fun and deep, with a vibe from West Africa, Cote D'Ivoire, where her family is from. She was raised in America by way of Montgomery County, Maryland, so her music is an infusion of cultures and delivers a unique bumping sound. Currently living in Baltimore, where we met on Memorial Day for her promo shoot, she decided to rent these high-waisted denim distressed shorts by Universal Thread. Along with our waterfall ice me out necklace and matching bracelet. She loved this look so much that she purchased the jewelry and shorts after the shoot.

If you're interested in renting merchandise or would like to set up a shoot of your own. Simply, email me. I'd love to work with you.




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